Rachel Lipsky


Rachel Lipsky exploded onto the country music scene when she won the Pepsi Southern Original competition in 2014. In November 2015, Lipsky released “Ready Set Whiskey”. The single showcases Lipsky’s unique blend of traditional southern rock and brass knuckles country and invites listeners to the party. Rachel Lipsky has opened for Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, and Hank Williams, Jr. She has also been invited by Armed Forces Entertainment to perform for American troops overseas multiple times. Lipsky has won IMEA’s Country Female Vocalist Award and was a finalist in UnSigned Only’s International Songwriting Competition for “Ready Set Whiskey”.

I met Rachel Lipsky recently and she immediately impressed me. She truly is a firecracker on and off stage! Lipsky will blow you away with her powerful vocals and her entertaining, sassy stage presence. Rachel may seem like a country artist, but she has some southern rock in her blood. Off stage, she is a sweetheart and her passion for music truly shines through when you meet her.

Here is a more in-depth look into Rachel, who she is, where she’s been and what’s in store for this talented Country sweetheart.


What’s your favorite part about being a musician?

My favorite part about being a musician is being able to share the amazing gift of music. Music is the international language, it moves and evokes emotions, it helps us heal and resonates to our core. Music connects the world and breaks barriers. It’s exciting to be a part of this experience.

What do you think makes you unique as an artist?

What makes me unique as an artist is what makes me unique as a person. I am who I am.  I try to bring out my personality in my songs while I’m on stage. I’m upbeat, sassy, wanna rock out and don’t-care-what-other-people-think kinda brass knuckles country.

Is it challenging to have a real social life outside of performing? 

What’s a social life? Haha! Being focused on one thing has taken me to new heights in my career but there is a ton of sacrifice that goes along with it.  I have an amazing and solid group around me that is very understanding and supportive. I am willing to sacrifice my social life for a music career.

What do you do to keep the balance? 

I have to take each week as it comes and I have to decide the level of priority of each task everyday. I do try to make a small amount of time for me each day so I can get my workouts in or a little cat nap. 

What do you do in your personal downtime? 

When there is personal downtime, I enjoy watching movies, hiking, camping and hunting.

Who inspires you musically? 

Mary Chapin Carpenter has been the biggest inspiration for me as an artist. Chapin is such a hard working, super talented lady. She was ahead of her time while crushing the charts at her peak and still to this day tops the Billboard charts in the AAA format. To have staying power like that is a rarity and impressive.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment (so far) in music/what has been the coolest experience you’ve had in your career so far? 

The biggest accomplishment I’ve been able to experience in my career so far is going twice overseas to the Middle East and Africa to entertain our troops. It took me 6 years of applying before I got accepted and when I received the first acceptance letter, it was an amazingly emotional day. It’s my favorite thing to do as an artist and definitely the most rewarding. I hope to do it every year for the rest of my life.

What projects are you currently working on?

I won a contest with Pepsi last year and that gave me the opportunity to record some new music. With the studio time I won, my producer Shane Barrett and I were able to record 6 new songs that my team and I are super excited about. We just released the first single from the new batch of recorded songs, called ‘Ready Set Whiskey’, I wrote this song with my friend, Dan Banks. The music video is almost ready and we will be releasing that early in 2016.

Do you have any big shows or projects coming up? If so, what are they?

We have some really fun tours in the works for next year and I am SO excited to release more of the new music in 2016.

Rachel Lipsky is truly a total package. I know that great things are going to keep happening for her. This is definitely a girl you’ll want to keep watching out for in the country music world.

Rachel’s latest single, “Ready, Set Whiskey” is now available for download and streaming on iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, Reverbnation, and Bandcamp. You can see Rachel’s full schedule on her website http://www.rachellipsky.com and follow her updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


(Photo credits: Shine On Music City)

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