Jamie Becker

Jamie Becker was born in Whittier, CA. With the support of her family, the 21 year old made the move to Nashville about 3 years ago. Her sultry and bluesy sound leaves you wanting more. Her eclectic vocals might remind you of big names such as: Janis Joplin, Norah Jones, Stevie Nicks or Patsy Cline; but what I believe makes this girl so special (besides her phenomenal voice) is that she has a sweet personality and smile that *shines* so bright, that she has the ability to brighten any room.

We recently sat down for an interview with Jamie to learn even more about her.

What’s your favorite part about being a musician?

There’s moments when the music takes you in and the only thing that matters is the song and everything else gets lost in the song.

What do you think makes you unique as an artist?

My smokey voice and soulful approach to music backed up by a fun-loving spirit and personality.

Who inspires you musically?

My dad Jim Becker. Not only is he a phenomenal father, but he’s a captivating songwriter, singer, and guitar player as well. He recently came out with his self-­recorded and mixed album “Dinosaur” which is starting to take off in the Los Angeles area. He is my biggest inspiration and role model.

What’s the one album you can’t live without?

Abbey Road by the Beatles.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment (so far) in music/what has been the coolest experience you’ve had in your career so far?

Getting to sing backup on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” with Belmont Chorale for the Rolling Stones was unbelievable. I grew up singing along to Dead Flowers, Gimme Shelter, Streets of Love, Tumbling Dice and the list goes on and on so it really was a dream come true to share the stage with Mick Keith, Charlie, Ronnie, and my idol Lisa Fischer.

What is one piece of advice you’d like to give other artists that are out there trying to make it?

Some advice I’ve been given which has really paid off is aiming to stay true to who I am and working hard at it despite the obstacles along the way.

What venue do you like to perform at the most?

People’s houses­, hands down! The sitting around the campfire vibe can be so much fun and intimate! I aim to achieve the same atmosphere in my shows elsewhere.

What projects are you currently working on?

The Album!!! Currently getting the recording done for a few new tunes including “I Sure Like Country” which traces the genre back to storytelling in its lyrical content. Also looking forward to the fun soul elements in this next album! Also a music video is in the works!

What’s your favorite way to connect with fans?

I’m absolutely terrible at social media, but the last time I posted a video, it seemed to go well and it was pretty fun to do! So, I’ll probably do more of that! And yes, interaction at shows is the best. I love getting that one on one feedback and getting to know fans, especially since they are the reason I do music in the first place!

Who are your biggest supporters?

My family has been so integral in supporting my endeavors. My mom shares every project I’ve ever done with her friends, and my dad is always the first to share posts about my music on social media! They are my biggest supporters, along with my sisters and boyfriend, who not only encourage me when I hit a roadblock, but love me and inspire me constantly.

If you could perform with one artist or band, who would it be?

Jack White. He gets into the nitty gritty soul of music and would be a blast to jam with.

Where do you see your career in 10 years? What are your goals for the future in music?

3 solid albums over the next ten years would be great! At least 50 shows a year would be stellar. I also never want to set limitations on what I create. I hope to evolve as an artist and follow the music where it takes me.

What was your first gig?

Dr. Java,­ a coffee shop in Whittier, CA, where I used to perform with my dad who is also a singer/ songwriter. I would do the first hour, he’d do the second, and we’d finish with an hour of duets! We usually ???

How long have you been performing/playing music?

Singing since age 5; writing songs since 11; performing publicly since 12.

Was there one defining moment for you where you knew that you wanted to play music?

I’ve been singing since I was a little girl. I starred in some main roles in elementary school plays; in middle school began playing music regularly at a coffee shop called Dr. Java with my dad in our duo, “The Beckers”, which later evolved to the Southern roots duo “Deep Fried Bubblegum”. In high school, I had a band that performed at school events and even put together a John Lennon tribute on the anniversary of his passing. I was always doing music and loving it. Academics was a priority, but going to late night open mics was too, as well as going out of town on weekends to perform at festivals, etc. With all that, I think the defining moment was when a Grammy nominated friend of my father’s pulled me aside after my performance in a group to raise money for Paradise High School’s Music Department( my dad’s alma mater) and told me that if I wanted to do music for a living, he believed I could be successful. It was that conversation which got me seriously thinking about my passions and the reality was that I can’t imagine a future without music.

Have you ever had an experience that turned into a song?

All the time. A ladybug and a boy sparked one of my first songs when I was 12. Some painful times influenced “Sweet Lord”, and a frustrating conversation about genre stereotypes led me to write “I Sure Like Country”, which aimed to bring the focus back to my favoring a story-themed country song.

What are your hopes for your future in the music industry?

To be able to support myself doing what I love and maybe have a career like Norah Jones. People love her music but paparazzi are not at her door all the time.

In general, what are your hopes for the music industry?

I want to see more stars who can carry a career with their music alone, as opposed to the all the glittery acrobatics and dancing of the shows and gossip of their social lives. I am a strong believer that if more songwriters/artists spent more time developing a song, as opposed to pumping one out to meet a deadline, there would be more artist success and audiences would begin to value music even more.

Jamie Becker has the type of passion that you can only be born with. Jamie’s love for music and her appreciation for her family’s influence on her musical career is something that is very humbling. Shine On Music City thrives on artists that are truly authentic and perform because of their love for music. We are grateful to be a part of a chapter in Jamie’s musical journey, and we can’t wait to see where her talent takes her!

Be sure to follow Jamie on Facebook and check out more of her music through SoundCloud and Reverbnation.

(Photo credits: Eva Unzueta)

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