About Me

“Every11899799_10102780101386715_8107399894598691837_nbody’s got a cross to carry. Everybody’s got a story they can tell.”

Those lyrics say it best, but this is my story…

First and foremost, I live in Nashville (“Music City”) and I have always had a strong passion for music and supporting local musicians. There are very few things in life that give me more joy than getting the chance to see an artist living their dream. I could live forever never making a dime, as long as I have music as a constant in my life. The meaning behind the name of this site “Shine On Music City” is very special to me. “Shine” being the name of my favorite song by Keith Urban. That song came into my life at the perfect time. Keith and his music have changed my life. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2013. Right after I had my first surgery in 2013, Keith Urban was playing a show at Legends Corner in Nashville. He left a lasting impression on me and I have spent the past few years following him and his music career. He also inspired my career path in a profound way. Not only did I end up meeting Keith within a year of getting to see him perform live for the first time, but meeting him also inspired me to use my passion for music and to pursue my dream of working in the music industry

I’ve had many other inspirations that have helped lead me to where I am today, but Keith is the one that has made the biggest impact on me. I have yet to see another artist put 100% into every single performance and interact with his fans like he does. In my opinion, any musician that can be dedicated to their craft and keep pursuing their dream (even when it’s tough) deserves to be acknowledged and supported, and that’s where I come in. I want to put a spotlight on musicians and music industry leaders and help them “shine”. The purpose of “Shine On Music City” is to give these hard-working individuals the recognition they deserve.

Living in Nashville, I have had amazing opportunities to get to hear live music and make connections with some incredible bands, singers, songwriters and industry leaders regularly. I want to share the amazing talent and passion that each of these individuals possess with all of you by “spotlighting” them and their lives in a meaningful way.

If you are a singer/songwriter/band/industry leader that wants to be in the spotlight, feel free to e-mail me at ShineOnMusicCity@gmail.com

Also, check out my personal website “Meant To Be Lindsey B” at http://www.MeantToBeLindseyB.com


  1. Emily Brady says:

    Hey Lindsey! It was super getting to meet you last night and hear your story. I will never look at purple and teal stage lighting the same! Hope your new seats gave you a better view of Gavin. Fantastic concert!!!! Good luck and Shine On!


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